Meet the Photographers

Jason Foster
Website: http://www.fosterbearfilms.comBlog Post: Eggs N Ham


Jason R.A. Foster is a Jamaican born filmmaker and photographer. He’s been stateside since a young lad and has lived most of his life in the American South. He’s the co-founder of FosterBear Films, an independent film production company that specializes in documentaries, music videos and narrative film. Through film and photography, Jason is always in search of the truth of whomever happens to be in front of his lens.


Malcolm Johnson

Blog Posts: On The Regular & She Works Hard For The Money
Instagram: @malcxlmj | 


Malcolm is an digital design artist, focusing on photography, graphic design, and motion pictures. Malcolm was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. During Malcolm’s last two years of high school, he was accepted into the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). While at NOCCA, Malcolm found his passion for Media Arts, in particular photography and film. Malcolm is now continuing his studies in Digital Design program at Tulane University in New Orleans, La.

Dawnie Marie

Blog Posts: Control & Ladies First
Instagram: @dawniemarie | Website:


Dawnie Marie was born & raised in the city of New Orleans, which provides most of the backdrops for her art. She has many a side hustle but photography happens to be her favorite. It is her way to see the beauty in all things in this world.


Malik Bartholomew

Blog Post: “We Are Family”Immigrant
Instagram: @Phrozen_Photography

Malik Bartholomew is a New Orleans native and emerging photographer behind the images of Phrozen Photography. Malik’s brand of photography is inspired by his passion for his beloved city. As a historian and researcher, his work is deeply imbedded in celebrating the culture and capturing the unique visual images of the city of New Orleans and its African Diasporic culture & experiences.


Kobby Waiyaki

Blog Post: “Live and Die in Afrika
Instagram: @kobbywaiyaki


KOBBY: My name is Kobby waiyaki. I am based in Nairobi ,Kenya.


Lou Dorsey & Burnell Palmer
Blog Posts: “I Am Not My Hair” | “Back In The Day”

Twitter (Lou): @shotbydollaz


 LOU: I’m Lou Dorsey, a 17 year old teen from Nola. I was introduced to photography a few months ago and I’m loving it; I think this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Aubrey Edwards (photographer) is like my mentor or a second mom she has been teaching me all she knows about photography and guiding me down the right path in life. I’m very thankful for her and everyone else that sees something in me and supports me. I love exploring New Orleans people say it’s a small city but I haven’t seen it all yet, so exploring is what I do on my free time. When I’m not exploring I’m either being creative or thinking about my next move. I like to keep myself occupied I’m always moving and doing cool stuff. I’ve been working with Claire Bangser the brains behind a cool blog you can check out some of the post I’ve done on there. I’m currently working on a website…
BERNELL: My name is Burnell Palmer. I am apart of the city that no one can see, the part of city that is overlooked. I’m a 17 year old black male born and raised in Nola. I was introduced to basketball at a young age but I found a common interest in photography about a year ago. The meaning behind my photographs are more than what you see. I love to catch the hard working and underprivileged people the world looks down on. People always told me I was weird for being myself, something a lot of people aren’t doing nowadays. I’m grateful for everyone that has a positive impact in my life, without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I hope to have my photos viewed by the world and think deeper than the picture. You can checkout my Instagram: @Nellyyphotography

Gus Bennett
Blog Post: Mama Afrika


Gus Bennett has been a professional photographer for more than four decades. His work has appeared on the covers of ESSENCEEbonyJetUPSCALE, and TRIBE magazines. He has had work featured on the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority Bus line in ad campaigns urging an end to domestic violence among women and children. His images were used on the official poster for “TRUE ROOTS,” a cultural celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase and the impact of the Haitian Revolution on the Louisiana Purchase.


Patrick Melon

Blog Posts: Street Style Features |Say It Loud… You Must Learn
Instagram: @melontao

**NOTE: We do not recommend working with Patrick Melon after multiple allegations of sexual assault and an arrest for 3rd degree rape and providing alcohol to a minor. All of his photos have been removed from our blog**


**NOTE: We do not recommend working with Patrick Melon after multiple allegations of sexual assault and an arrest for 3rd degree rape and providing alcohol to a minor. All of his photos have been removed from our blog**


danielle c. miles

Blog Posts:
Its a Man’s World | AmbidextrousBrown Skin Lady | Little Girl Blue


I aspire to create works that leave a lucid legacy of interpretation that obligates the observer to remember that art is a freedom and depth of life that manifests when truth is fearlessly embraced.


Blaze Like Fyre,  Creative Itch Media Group

Blog Posts: Launch Party RecapNo Church in the Wild | Creator
Website: | Facebook: CreativeItchMediaGroup | IG: @BlazeLikeFyre // @CreativeItchMedia


LaToya ‘Blaze Like Fyre’ Edwards, is a Photographer + Videographer + Digital Media Designer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Recollections of receiving cameras as gifts as a child, Photography had been in Blaze’s life before ever being called a “Photographer”, however her interest grew while on assignment for her job as an Entertainment writer, where typically she would photograph the events she attended.  Photography was the catalyst for the exploration of different creative avenues, such as Digital Media Design: websites, logos, and other graphics, as well as Videography.  Her style of Photography from her peers has been described as “documentary”, however as Blaze professes, “I just shoot what I see.” Blaze studied Mass Communications at Texas Southern University’s Tavis Smiley School of Communications.  “I am not making a living doing what I studied in school, however what I learned away from the class has become my business.  I will say this though, in 2013 when I began Creative Itch Media Group, I did so using the experience I had gathered from working in marketing and promotions, radio, print, and a record label.  It was because I had experience the different dynamics that my mission became evident and my purpose clear, work with Artists to help them manifest their dreams, while simultaneously manifesting my own.  I get paid to do that, and that is sweet!”


Asia-Vinae  “Preach” Palmer

Blog Posts: Mama Says & I
Instagram: @PreachThePoet | Twitter: @PreachThePoet

Asia-Vinae has always been a visual and spoken word artist but never considered herself a photographer until modeling with New Orleans’ photographer, Gus Bennett. After background shooting for him, he encouraged her to get a camera. Since then, she has been practicing with event photos, private shoots, and nature shots. She considers herself a multimedia artist and wishes to pursue as much as her hands are willing to tackle. Just as some things give her the urge to write or paint, she is drawn to the lens and she is always ready to learn something new.


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