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Noirlinians x #EssenceFest: #MyNOLAdiary

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Denisio and Mwende / Guest Photographer / New Orleans / Our Closet

Photos by Paa Kwesi Yanful (@kwesithethird) This year Noirlinians was invited by #EssenceFest to take over their Instagram account for a weekend to tell (Our) #MyNOLAdiary. We met up for an afternoon with Kwesi, one of our favorite local Ghanian photographers for this shoot with a twist…for once, we got to choose the locations of the shoot*. | We are Noirlinians, and this is #OurNOLAdiary | *in typical Noirlinians shoots/blog posts, local or New Orleans based Black photographers […]


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Denisio and Mwende / Guest Photographer / New Orleans / Our Closet

Photos by Phrozen Photography Post Soundtrack: Immigrant (Sade) The Treme (St. Augustine Church): The community of Treme can be described as colorful, vibrant, creative, strong, & diverse. Formally known by the French as Faubourg Treme this community is named after Claude Treme the Frenchmen who sold the land to the city of New Orleans so they could build sub divisions and sale plots for housing behind the much crowded French Quarters.  Treme was special from the start. […]

10 Black Women in New Orleans to follow in 2017

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New Orleans / Uncategorized

Often, when hearing about New Orleans outside of the city, it’s historic and vibrant music scene is a focal point for folks. Inside of the city though, it’s clear that New Orleans isn’t a city that is just musically talented…its a city that is talented. Period. From visual art, to music, to poetry, to…well…anything that requires creative talent, New Orleans attracts, but more notably, produces undeniable talent that is helping shape the creative history of this generation. Check […]