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No Church in the Wild

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Photos by Blaze Like Fyre Post Soundtrack – No Church in the Wild (Jay Z+Kanye West+Frank Ocean) City Park (Botanical Gardens): When picking the location for this shoot, I thought about how to make the indigo pop.  I knew that anywhere that we shot would have to have  a colorful backdrop.  Though this wall is not hyper-colorful, the muted orange hue accomplished the splash of color necessary to complement the indigo fabric. City Park was the location […]


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Denisio and Mwende / Featured Fashions / Guest Photographer

   Photos by Blaze Like Fyre Post Soundtrack – Creator (Santigold) City Park (Botanical Gardens): City Park is a magical place, multilayered, vast, mysterious, enchanting. It was (is) Native land, the Chapitoulas and Houmas once lived here, before the French came.  It was because of those tribes, and their knowledge of alternate, safer routes to the (Misssissippi) River that the land that would later be called New Orleans was even discovered. The spirit of the park resonates […]


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Denisio and Mwende / Featured Fashions / Guest Photographer

Photos by Asia-Vinae “Preach” Palmer – The Spirit House: ‘The Spirit House is located at the intersection of St. Bernard Avenue, Gentilly Boulevard, and DeSaix Boulevard, historically known as the DeSaix Circle. John T. Scott, a nationally known artist, and Martin Payton, collaborated on this project. Their goal was to create a work that celebrates the contributions of unnamed African Americans who were instrumental in the cultural and physical development of New Orleans. “The Spirit House […]