Noirlinians is an AfroFashion blog exploring the complex relationship between culture, clothing & identity in the diaspora. Featuring Liberian artist and designer Denisio Truitt of DOPEciety and Kenyan poet and organizer Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa, the idea for the blog emerged after a fast friendship developed between the two based on their African heritage and artistic interests.

After discovering their mutual interest of African inspired fashion and writing played a role in the formation and expression of their identities, the idea for a blog steeped in exploring this process through photo and text was born. Early on, both artists recognized the particular feeling of “home” New Orleans held for them in the diaspora and came up with the name “Noirlinians” to pay homage to the city that they see as ‘the most African city in the U.S.’ Teaming up with Black New Orleans based photographers who choose locations of importance to them or those in the diaspora, Noirlinians is as much an exploration of self as it is about space and the idea of finding your past in your present.

Noirlinians features written and photography based blog posts with locations of significance to Black and African people in New Orleans chosen by that week’s photographer. Clothing and jewelry modeled for each shoot will either be from “Our Closet” with items directly from the artist’s wardrobes or “Noirlinians Featured Fashions” where the artists, in collaboration with local clothing designers, will showcase African inspired clothing and jewelry that match the weekly theme. Noirlinians regularly publishes posts with photos as well as text by the founders delving deeper into a story brought about by the week’s theme. From time to time, we will feature a special “#NoirliniansStreetStyle” posts that will involved street interviews with New Orleanians about the story behind their clothing and the “Africaness” of the city.

africa-transparentDENISIO TRUITT:

Denisio Truitt is a Liberian-American artist, designer and writer  currently residing in New Orleans. She is a graduate of Washington and Lee University where she studied studio art and completed a Bachelors of Arts in English with a concentration in poetry. In 2013, Denisio founded DOPEciety, a t-shirt and apparel line that has since evolved to include event curation and production and which she co-owns with her partner Michael Wilson. She is currently working on her first collection of poetry, entitled Broken Things. 

Instagram and Twitter: @denisiotruitt



Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa is a 25-year-old Black, Kenyan, Immigrant, Queer, Womyn poet in New Orleans, LA. Ranked 3rd at the 2015 Individual World Poetry Slam, FreeQuency is an Anti-Racist and Reproductive Justice organizer who has spent most of her life living and writing at the intersection of arts, education and activism. In New Orleans, she organizes & advocates with BYP100-NOLA and Women With A Vision, does youth work & poetry with the New Orleans Youth Open Mic and Team Slam New Orleans (Team SNO) and is an African Culture/Fashion Blogger with Noirlinians.

She currently works at Women With A Vision, a social justice non-profit whose major focus areas include Reproductive Justice outreach, HIV+ Women’s Advocacy, Sex Worker Rights and Drug Policy Reform.

View her work and find her full bio at http://www.FreeQuencySpeaks.com.

FACEBOOK | Instagram: @mwendersinsuspenders |  Twitter: @FreeQThaMighty




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