Roam The Cosmos – Party Recap

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Photos by Fernando Lopez  

Post Soundtrack: We Roam the Cosmos

ICYMI: On the final day of Essence weekend, we joined forces with Ascendance and The House on Claiborne for our biggest Afrobeat party yet! Click  the link below to see how the night went, via photography by Fernando Lopez (note: if you post a picture of yourself elsewhere, please be sure to credit him!)


Part I – Sunset Market

The evening began with an outdoor market, courtesy of some dope local vendors and food pop ups. 



Part II – Video Premiere and Dance Party

As the sun set over The House on Claiborne, we kicked things into high gear. In addition to celebrating the fourth anniversary of this blog, we premiered a new music video for the single “Unfair” by Stash Marina, directed by Marion Hill and enjoyed a live performance of the single. DJ Chinua and Pr_ck kept us dancing for the rest of the night.

                                                                                                 Live performance by Stash Marina







                                                                                                 Screening of music video “Unfair”





Noirlinians is a love story by two wandering children of the African diaspora 

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Noirlinians is an AfroFashion blog exploring the complex relationship between culture, clothing & identity in the diaspora. Featuring Liberian artist and designer Denisio Truitt of DOPEciety and poet and organizer Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa, the idea for the blog emerged after a fast friendship developed between the two based on their African heritage and artistic interests.

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