7.1.17 | 2 yr Ann. Afrobeat Party

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#Noirlinians back with another Afrobeat party,another Afrobeat party,another Afrobeat party, this time though, its not just a party, it’s an anniversary celebration…

2 years ago we launched Noirlinians during Essence Festival with a meet up at the Gravier Street Social and yall packed the house for the live performances we had that night from Tank, Michaela Harrison & Joy Clark and moved to the vibes provided by DJ ReRun an RQ Away.
Last year both of us were out of town so we didn’t get to celebrate our one year anniversary, so we decided to celebrate in proper African fashion this year with a two year anniversary Afrobeat party on Saturday July 1st starting at 10pm
JPEG_AfrobeatCoSponsorLogos -1
We’ll have food from Senegalese Chef Serigne Mbaye, music by DJ Natty Boom and Chris Stylez, an arts market featuring local vendors, an Afrobeat dance competition, an African fashion competition (both with prizes) and an all around good time
Get them while you can before they go up to $10 (cash or card) at the door 🙂


The Author

Noirlinians is an AfroFashion blog exploring the complex relationship between culture, clothing & identity in the diaspora. Featuring Liberian artist and designer Denisio Truitt of DOPEciety and poet and organizer Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa, the idea for the blog emerged after a fast friendship developed between the two based on their African heritage and artistic interests.

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